• Candidate for second vice-president  Toastmasters International.
    NAGARAJA RAO, DTM Vote Nagaraja Rao for 2nd Vice President
  • Toastmaster, Entrepreneur, Coach, Coffee Roaster and Connoisseur.
    Passionate Toastmaster, International Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Proven Leader
  • Each one of us has a latent ability to communicate. Toastmasters transforms this internal possibility to an external reality. - Nagaraja Rao, DTM
    Philanthropist, Coffee Connoisseur, Family Guy
  • A Toastmaster with Passion and a Leader with Experience Vote for Nagaraja Rao, DTM
    Each one of us has a latent ability to communicate. Toastmasters transforms this internal possibility to an external reality. Vote for Nagaraja Rao

About Nagaraja Rao


Candidate for Second Vice President.

Executive Director at Bayar’s Ganesh Food Products.

A Toastmaster with Passion and a Leader with Experience. Being practical and value driven, he likes to focus on doing small things that make a big difference.


Distinguished Toastmaster – Embodying the core values of Toastmasters for the past 16 years, Nagaraja has served as President’s Distinguished District Director (World #1), Region Advisor, and most recently as International Director. For his active contribution in growing the movement in South Asia, Toastmasters International awarded him in 2012 with the highest honor, Presidential Citation.


International Entrepreneur – The business Nagaraja co-founded in 1988, Ganesh Food Products, has grown from a regional entity to an international brand. Built on the core values of Taste (Quality), Trust (Ethics), and Tradition, (Pay it forward) Bayar’s Coffee has won multiple awards for business excellence. His clients and customers include major international businesses such as Ikea, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, McCafe, DiBella Coffee, au bou pain and Costa Coffee.


Business Mentor – As an international business leader, he routinely addresses conferences sharing his experience in leadership and business. He also mentors individuals and organizations on leadership principles, financial planning, and business strategy.


Philanthropist – Nagaraja believes that the quality of leaders is reflected in the way they give back to society.  As a Trustee of Amruthur Education Trust, he helps provide quality education to rural children. As a volunteer of various charities, he also helps provide job opportunities for under-privileged sections of society.


Family Guy – Happily married for 24 years to Arathi, a school teacher Nagaraja lives in Bangalore, the “garden City of India”, now also known as the “Silicon Valley of India”. They are blessed with two wonderful daughters who are pursuing their graduation in Architecture and Business Administration respectively.

work experience

Nagaraja Rao is a true Toastmaster at heart and carries the fervor of Toastmasters wherever he goes. He has applied the lessons he learnt in Toastmasters in his business and has achieved remarkable success. Nagaraja has coached several individuals to become champion speakers and great leaders. His ability to generate simple solutions to complex issues, along with his pleasant nature, makes him an excellent mentor.

His love for coffee and a penchant for entrepreneurship have blended perfectly to create business success. Nagaraja is the executive director of Ganesh Food Products (Pvt) Ltd., which owns the brand Bayar´s Coffee

Leadership Philosophy

From Member to International Director, Entrepreneur to International Business Leader, my guiding principle has always been “Be the Difference.” I firmly believe that nothing of consequence happens in this world unless someone decides to make it happen. I live by three simple qualities to “Be the Difference.”


Ownership – Being the eldest of four siblings and the CEO of my company, I have always been expected to take ownership not only for myself, but also for my family and the people working with me. I have found success in both Toastmasters and business, by fostering a culture of ownership that stands on the pillars of values, accountability, and trust.


Embracing Opinions – In my 30 years of international business experience and 16 years in Toastmasters leadership, I have found success working in diverse environments by keeping an open mind, encouraging dialogue, and facilitating consensus. As an International Director, I embraced the culture of healthy debates, collective decision-making, and speaking with one voice.


Paying it Forward – As a Toastmaster I have enabled and empowered hundreds of members by helping them find clarity, conviction and courage propelling them to great success.


To Attract and Retain a Million Motivated Members.

With Pathways and the power of technology, I envision enormous opportunities to engage, empower, and enrich the lives of members. In a world that thirsts for better leaders in homes, workplaces, and communities, I believe that by serving a Million Motivated Members, we can develop a Million Motivated Leaders to truly “Be the Difference,” and realize the vision of Toastmasters International.


I propose a five-step framework to achieve this goal:


Frameworks to achieve goal


Respect Tradition: Toastmasters is on the cusp of turning a hundred years old. This is primarily due to the fact that the movement is built on a strong set of core values – Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence – that are embodied by members at every level. As we empower a new generation of members and leaders, we must continue to uphold these core values.


Embrace Innovation: World over, people and organizations fear change but our roots are strong. Therefore, we must forge ahead without fear. We must innovate in People, Process, and Technology, to anticipate and exceed expectations. A culture of embracing innovation in order to improve the quality, efficiency, and reliability of our service is imperative if we are to remain relevant in the future.


Engage Members: As Toastmasters grows, we must be sensitive to the nuances of diversity and demographics. We must recognize that the needs of members in growing markets and developed markets are unique to their respective circumstances. Steps have to be taken to engage members. We must be responsive to members’ issues and deliver the value members seek from Toastmasters by introducing measurement metrics that are not just quantitative but also qualitative.


Generate Opportunities: Balancing tradition with innovation, we must create opportunities for members to translate the leadership skills they learn within Toastmasters into leadership experiences beyond Toastmasters impacting their homes, workplaces, and communities. These opportunities must allow members to showcase their Professional Leadership Competency.


Create Leaders: Experiential Leadership with constructive 360 degree feedback can enable and empower our members to be effective leaders who can “Be the Difference.”

Why Nagaraja Rao

Nagaraja believes that the core of leadership lies in the heart of the member. Having experienced the joy and power of servant leadership, he is inspired to create a culture of empowerment where every member enjoys a sense of ownership, purpose, and belonging through acts of service.


  • Peak Performance: As Lt. Governor of Education & Training, District 82 (2009-10) and District Governor (2010-11), he led a large district to be # 1 in the world.
  • Identifying and grooming future leaders: 10 of his mentees went on to become successful District Directors in 4 different districts. From 7 clubs to 700 in less than a decade, the foundation he helped lay has propelled 4 Districts to excellence, developing hundreds of leaders and motivating thousands of members.
  • Multi-Cultural Collaboration: As Region 13 Advisor, he worked successfully with leaders in China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and South Korea, in what is widely acknowledged as the one of the most diverse regions in Toastmasters.
  • Strategic Leadership: As International Director, he gained a keen insight into the organization’s dynamics, challenges, and opportunities enabling him to learn from the past, lead in the present and plan positively for the future.



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The Presidential Citation Award

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Conference Chair





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