About Decisions

About Decisions

“If you are reborn, what would you like to change in your life?”

Everyone who answers this question will think of few things that they would like to change.

Why so?

Because in life we all make decisions. Sometimes we feel happy for making a good decision and many times we regret for making a bad decision.

Can decisions be good or bad? Decisions are only decisions. There is nothing as good or bad decision. However all of us are we used to categorizing everything we do in life. Good – bad, beautiful – ugly, intelligent –dumb, artistic – rude, urban – rural, decent – indecent, faithful-unfaithful…the duality goes on. All these extreme classifications of duality only results in extreme emotions viz., feeling good or miserable.

But is there a way out? Yes I got a clue from a recent TED talk I heard from Mr. Khurshid Baltiwala. He shared in his talk that all his decisions were either RIGHT or CONVENIENT!

This was a very insightful stand on decisions. If we slightly change our habit from categorizing things from positions of extremes, then we can have a balanced approach to life and the resultant emotions.

Especially in case of DECISION MAKING if we categorize our decisions as RIGHT or CONVENIENT, then we remove the extreme tag of GOOD – BAD.

Every situation demands a decision from each one of us. A RIGHT decision is one which

may not be easy to execute
may be controversial
may or may not bring recognition
May make you stretch yourself beyond limits
may or may not bring people closer to you
may or may not bring the expected result

But RIGHT DECISIONS will give us one thing and that is the satisfaction at a deep level.

On the other hand a CONVENIENT decision is one which

Will be easy to execute
Will not be controversial
Will make you work in your comfort zone
May bring people closer to you
Will bring the result expected by you

But CONVENIENT DECISION will put our life few steps backwards or will make it remain in the same position, but never move forward in the real sense. Convenient decisions will give us temporary gratification/satisfaction and when we look back in life, it will give us a sense of regret.

We all make the RIGHT decision when we join Toastmasters. However slowly we move from the RIGHT zone to CONVENIENT zone. When we commit for a speaking assignment and stick to it, irrespective of the other commitments, we are in the RIGHT zone. On the other hand when we postpone our speaking commitments even for a slight discomfort, then we are in the CONVENIENT zone.

Life or Toastmasters if we practice to take the RIGHT decision, then the answer to the question “If you are reborn, what would you like to change in your life?” will always be “NOTHING”.