There are a number of resources available online in languages other than English. These include manuals, a Speech Contest Rulebook, forms for chartering new clubs, and more. See samples below.

To see if material is available in your language, or to view the latest material, go to this link:

Now enter the language of your choice in the search window labeled KEYWORD.

Below are links of what is currently available.
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English عربى Français
Online Resources لموارد علىالانترنت Ressources en ligne
Navigator Navigator/ المستكشف Navigator / Le navigateur
To view all 59 Projects لعرض جميع المشاريع 59 Pour voir les 59 projets
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Online-Ressourcen Recursos online Recursos en línea
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Um alle 59 Projekte anzuzeigen Para ver todos os 59 projetos Para ver los 59 proyectos
Gehe zu Pathways Ir para Pathways Ir a Pathways
Gehe zum Base Camp Vá para o Base Camp Ir al Base Camp
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Geben Sie German in dieses Feld ein Digite o Portuguese nesta caixa Ingrese Spanish en este recuadro
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Japanese Chinese -Simplified Chinese -Traditional
日本語 中國傳統的 中國傳統的
オンラインリソース 在线资源 在線資源
Navigator / ナビゲータ Navigator / 导航器 Navigator / 導航器
59のプロジェクトをすべて表示るには 查看全部59个项目 查看全部59個項目
パスウェイに行く 去通路 去通路
ベースキャンプに行く 去大本营 去大本營
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Japanese Chinese-S Chinese-T