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This tutorial is meant to explain the Pathways program before you begin it. It It is just my interpretation of Pathways.  I have made it as accurate as possible - but I make no guarantees.

If you have a hardcopy in your possession - it's probably out of date. The website is constantly being critiqued by various Toastmasters. So the latest version is always found here.
This is the date it was last updated:  March 06, 2018
  • The handout online consists of 4-11x17 pages, printed back and front, so there will be two 11x17 pages in the handout.
  • Plus an insert, printed  on both sides, 8.5x11
  • What you download looks like this:
MASTER PAGE 1 (11X17) MASTER PAGE 2  (11X17)
INSERT (8.5x11)
DTM Graphic
Printing Costs
In my part of the world (Baltimore), Staples and Office Depot charges about $6 per set (all the pages shown above) when done in color.
But if you go to a printer, not a copy center, you can do them for about $1 per set. A club, area or division might want to go together and get them all made at once.
I've added the pages here in three versions: .jpg, gif, and .pdf. Ask your printer to look at each or print a sample to see which works best. These were all done in a program called XARA, and so I cannot provide the originals.
Remember, check this website before printing - for the latest version. Please keep my name, email and phone number on the handouts, as people who get copies often want more information, a newer version, or have questions.
You need all 6-downloads for 1-handout.
Link to MasterPage 1 Link to Master Page 1 Link to Master Page 1
Link to MasterPage 2 Link to Master Page 2 Link to Master Page 2
Link to MasterPage 3 Link to Master Page 3 Link to Master Page 3
Link to MasterPaage 4 Link to Master Page 4 Link to Master Page 4
Insert Insert Insert
Link to Insert paage - front Link to Insert - Front Link to Insert - Front
Link to Insert page- back Link to Insert - Back Link to Insert - Back
ast updated March 06, 2018
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Download a Pocket Guide to Pathways for new members: here.
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