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page updated on March 21, 2018
Here's a running list of facts that will enhance your knowledge of Pathways. Most are from questions that arose from our training, or through emails we have received. (all answers were obtained directly from Toastmasters International).
Have a question about Pathways? Email me and I'll find the answer.
When is the last day to submit an application for an education award in the traditional education program?

If the Pathways rollout remains on schedule and the last phase rolls out in May 2018, then the final day to submit an application for a traditional education program award will be June 30, 2020, the end of the 2019-2020 Toastmasters program year.

Members who serve as a club or district leader or as club coach through June 30, 2020, may receive an exception to use this as credit toward a traditional education program award that is also submitted on June 30, 2020. The role must be the final requirement for the award to receive recognition and these exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please be aware that members who use the role to complete an award such as ALB or ALS in the traditional program will not be able to transfer the work to an award in Pathways.

Members who are seeking a DTM but are unable to complete all requirements by June 30, 2020 may be better served by applying their club and district leadership roles to a Distinguished Toastmaster award in Pathways. Please email the Education Services team with any questions about your best course of action.
Ref: TI Ambassador Program Team, March 21, 2018
Does Pathways offer accessible educational materials for visually-impaired individuals?

All Pathways projects and electives will soon be available for visually-impaired members after the last region rollout this year. Materials will be provided in HTML format, in English only and will not include the Pathways assessment or Base Camp. Videos in Base Camp do not currently support closed captioning; however, watching them is not necessary to complete Pathways projects.
Ref: TI Ambassador Program Team, March 21, 2018
Where do Base Camp notifications/requests go? All Base Camp notices go to the email address that is on file at Club Central on the Toastmasters International (TI) website. To see which address that is for your club, go here. Click the '+' sign after the words SEARCH OPTIONS. Enter your club's number, then scroll down and click Submit Search. Your club's name will now appear in a box, click on the club name. You are now on your club's webpage at TI. This page shows details about your club: day, time and location of your meeting, plus a contact phone number and address. Just below the club's name (down and to the right), you see a blue rectangle with the words "Email the Club." Click this link to view the email address where all Base Camp notification are sent. If this is NOT the email address for your Base Camp Manger, you might want to change it. Check with Club President or VP Education on how to change this address.
How do I set up our FreeToastHost website to get ready for Pathways?
Pathways has an unfortunate limitation in Base Camp notifications to the club for level completions and other events. It only sends the message to the club’s public (find-a-club) email address, NOT to the VPE or other base camp managers (Pres, Sec), who are the ones who need to see those notifications.

If your club is using FreeToastHost, there is an elegant work-around available to deliver those messages where they need to go. (If not on FTH, see *** below). Ref: D50 for details.
If a former Toastmaster rejoins after a lapse in membership is he/she required to enroll in Pathways, or may they continue on the current education program?
Individuals rejoining after a lapse in membership may continue with the current education program or start fresh with Pathways. John@TI
When do member dues need to be paid to remain in good standing and retain access to Base Camp for Pathways?
Toastmasters’ membership dues are renewed twice a year, April 1 and October 1. To remain in good standing, a member’s payment must be received by World Headquarters before the due dates above. The window for a club paying dues into International opens about 5 to 6 weeks in advance of each due date.

When dues are not paid on time, members will temporarily lose access to the Pathways Base Camp until they return to good standing after their dues payment is received by World Headquarters. To maintain continuous access to Base Camp, member payments must be submitted on or before March 31 and September 30 respectively to allow time to be processed.

If a dues payment is made after the due dates… access will be restored usually within 12 – 24 hours after payment is received by World Headquarters. Ref: D50
What is the deadline for completing district service in order to apply that service toward the current Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award?
Your district service must be completed on or before June 30, 2020 to count toward the current DTM award. TI
Do we have to complete the Pathways projects in sequence?
Yes. The Pathways projects are designed to build on the skills learned from previous projects, but you may work on any project within the level you are working, once you complete the Ice Breaker project in Level 1. Once you have completed Level 1 you may begin any of the projects in Level 2 and so forth.
Paul @TI.
How many speeches must be given to enter the International Speech Contest?

Under the current contest rules, to enter the International Speech at the club level you must have given 6 speeches before the contest begins. Under Pathways, you must complete 2 levels (in any of the 10 paths). See Rulebook, page 6, 2a.

Exception: a charter member of a club chartered less than one year before the club contest is permitted to compete without having completed this requirement. The club must have officially chartered before the area contest. See page 6, 2.a.1 same reference as above.
Am I required to upload my completed evaluation resource on Base Camp in order for my project to be marked complete?

No, members are not required to upload their completed evaluation resources on Base Camp. Projects will automatically be marked complete once you have worked through the project content, including the before and after Assess Your Skills sections. When your Base Camp Manager verifies the completion of a level, they will confirm that you met every requirement within that level, including presenting speeches and receiving evaluations. The process for this verification is determined individually by each club. You can also store your completed evaluations on Base Camp by adding them to your documents folders. These folders are private and only visible to you, and they cannot be accessed by other club members or the Base Camp manager.
Can a Vice President Education (VPE) verify their own work?

Yes. But this is not recommended, get another member who has Base Camp Manager privileges to do it. Remember, the 4 Core Values of Toastmasters are: R.I.S.E. = Respect-INTEGRITY-Service-Excellence. (Ref: Paul at International).
How many free paths do I get? You are eligible for a maximum of two free paths if you belong to more than one club. To qualify for a second free path, you must already be a member of multiple clubs when Pathways rolls out in your region. Joining additional clubs after Pathways is available to you will not qualify you for a second free path. See details: item 22.
A few things to note when choosing to work from the traditional program:
  • You have to have been an existing member, prior to the roll out of Pathways in your district, in order to continue working in the traditional program.
  • Anyone who joins Toastmasters International for the first time will automatically be enrolled in Pathways, once it is rolled out to your district. The exception being reinstating members, who can choose to continue working from the traditional program, if they were a member prior to the roll out.
  • Anyone working in the traditional program has two years from when Pathways rolls out to the last region to complete any education awards they are working towards. At this time, we expect the last region to roll out by June 2018, so members would have until June 2020. Please keep in mind that the date of the last roll out can change depending on the success of the roll outs before it. The membership will be notified of any changes, if applicable.
Should I wait to start Pathways or begin working in the traditional education program?
Don’t wait! It’s always beneficial to work on Toastmasters educational projects, so working in the traditional education program will only help you improve your skills during the period between now and the time Pathways arrives in your district. The learning you complete now will help you bring that much more to the new learning experience when you start.`
Will the work I've done toward an education award in the traditional program transfer to Pathways?

Your progress toward awards in the traditional education program won’t be transferable to Pathways because the projects and structure of learning in the programs are different. However, you still have plenty of time to complete awards you are working toward. When Pathways rolls out into the last two regions—Regions 8 and 9—there will be a two-year transition period to allow you the opportunity to complete your work and move over to Pathways. Please note: Any service you have completed as a club or district leader that has not been applied toward an award can be used to fulfill your next education award in the traditional education program or Pathways (including club leadership, district leadership, club sponsor, club mentor, club coach, Youth Leadership Program and Speechcraft).
Will my achievements in the traditional education program still be recognized after Pathways rolls out?

All educational achievements will remain part of your record with Toastmasters International. Competent Communication (CC), Competent Leadership (CL) and other awards earned in the traditional education program will always be recognized by the organization. Pathways features 10 paths instead of two educational tracks, which is why designations like CC and CL will not be part of the new program. Pathways features a completely new set of achievement designations.
What if I don't like my Path? You can exchange your path within 30 days of receiving it. If you are using Base Camp, your new path will replace your current path at no cost. If you are using printed materials, you must mail your current path to Toastmasters International World Headquarters to receive your new path. You are responsible for shipping costs to and from World Headquarters. You cannot exchange your path after this 30-day period. If you want to switch paths after 30 days, you must purchase a new path. To read the full Pathways exchange policy, visit www.toastmasters.org/Pathways-FAQ
How will Pathways change my club experience?

Pathways was designed to keep club meetings at the center of your Toastmasters experience. The biggest changes you’ll experience are the new opportunities to grow more skills and master additional competencies. You can still expect the same support from your fellow club members and the familiar structure of your club meetings.
Is Pathways only available online?

Pathways gives you the flexibility to learn online or in print. Using Base Camp—Pathways’ online learning management system—you’ll have access to engaging learning tools, including videos, interactive quizzes and activities, feedback and recognition, useful tips and more. Choose from 10 unique learning paths that are accessible online. If you prefer to work in print, select paths are available in full-color, professionally bound materials.
What does my computer system require to run Base Camp?

To ensure faster download speeds, the minimum requirements for your system are as follows:
  • Computer: 1 GB of RAM, 1 GHz Processor
  • Display resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Network and connectivity: 5Mbit/s (recommended: 8Mbits/s)
  • Browser with TLS 1.1 or higher enabled
  • Pop-up blocker disabled
  • JavaScript enabled
Base Camp is compatible with the following browsers:
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer Version 10.0 or higher
  • Chrome 22.0 or higher
  • Safari Version 7.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 23.0 or higher Opera Version 11 or higher
Note: If your system does not meet the minimum requirements, you may experience longer download times.
Why do I need to disable my pop-blockers on Base Camp and how do I do so?

It is common configuration for learning management systems and other websites to open additional content in new windows. Often, these new windows are recognized as pop-ups by your web browser. Because projects, tutorials, and resources on Base Camp all open in new windows, your pop-up blockers must be turned off so your browser does not prevent you from accessing them.

For instructions on how to disable your pop-up blockers, find your browser name in the list below and click on the corresponding link:
What are the costs associated with Pathways?

Your regular membership dues cover the cost of your first path, however, if you choose the printed materials option for your path, there is a $25 printing fee. The cost for an additional path is $20, and if you elect to work in printed materials, the $25 printing fee also applies.

If you are working in one path and decide to switch to another path, you do not need to pay an additional $20 as long as you make the exchange within 30 days of the original purchase. The $25 fee you pay for a path with printed materials is not refundable. Remember: you can always print out copies of the Pathways materials on your own, at no charge. If you are enrolled in Pathways online, you can print out any of the materials on Base Camp.

Do I still have to pay a new member fee now that there are no Competent Communication (CC) or Competent Leadership (CL) manuals in Pathways?

Yes. Although new members will not receive a physical kit when they begin in Pathways, the new member fee covers membership processing costs, your first path, and access to Base Camp and its resources.

If I choose an online path, which means my learning materials are all digital, why do I still need to pay for Pathways if I’m not receiving manuals and other printed materials?

While it’s true that members who choose a path on Base Camp will not receive physical manuals or materials, Pathways gives you access to a richer learning experience, featuring 10 paths to choose from, over 300 real-world skills to learn and in-depth training resources to help you every step of the way. In addition, there are still costs associated with maintaining the Pathways learning experience, including software licensing, support and ongoing educational development.

I pay dues twice a year. Why don’t I receive a new path every time I pay dues?

Dues cover your ongoing membership as well as services provided to you, your club and your district. In Pathways, each new member receives one free path, just like you received a Competent Communication (CC) and Competent Leadership (CL) manual without any additional costs when you joined the traditional education program. Additional paths must be purchased individually in Pathways, similar to the traditional education program, which requires you to pay for additional manuals beyond the CC and the CL.

When I purchase an additional print path, do I need to pay the materials fee again? And do I also have to pay a shipping fee for each path?

Each time you purchase a print path, you pay a materials fee. This fee covers the cost of your materials and shipping. Shipping cost is included in the materials fee.
What is the Pathways return policy?

The Pathways Return Policy is as follows:
1. There are no refunds on educational materials or customized items (e.g., engraved items, certificates). All other items may be returned for a refund as long as the member contacts Toastmasters International within 30 days of receipt of the item; after 30 days no refunds can be initiated. Returned items must be in like-new condition.

2. Educational materials and all other non-customized items can be exchanged as long as the member contacts Toastmasters International within 30 days of receipt of the item. Exchanges of paths in the Pathways learning experience are limited to one path per member, per program year. After 30 days no exchanges can be initiated.

3. The new item for an exchange must be selected at the time the exchange is made; members are not given a “credit” to select a new item at a later time.

4. Any time an item is being returned or exchanged, including when it is exchanged due to damage or a shipping error, Toastmasters International reserves the right to require that the original item be returned to Toastmasters International and/or require a photo of the damage. When a damaged item must be sent back to Toastmasters International, the replacement item, if applicable, will be sent after the returned item is received at World Headquarters.

5. For exchanges due to item(s) being incorrect or damaged when the member receives them, the item(s) will be replaced at no cost to the member. Depending on the member’s location, Toastmasters International may provide a return label for the member to use or reimbursement to the member after he/she incurs the expense.

6. When items are returned to Toastmasters International for a return or exchange that is not due to a shipping error or damage, the member will pay:
  • The cost of shipping the original item back to World Headquarters, in all cases.
  • The cost of shipping the new item to the member, in the case of an exchange.
7. The 25 fee that members pay when ordering a path in print is not refundable, even when the member is exchanging a print path for an online path. (This applies to Pathways materials only.)

8. When an online path is added to a member’s Base Camp transcript as part of an exchange, the member will receive completion credit in the transcript for any Level 1 projects that were already complete in the path the member is returning. (This applies to Pathways materials only.)

9. Educational materials belong to the person for whom they were ordered; they are not transferable between or among members.
Why do we still see the 'old' Toastmasters logo on some new material? Basically, the copyright laws say you must "use it or lose it". So it is there to keep the logo protected.
How long do I have to complete my Path?  Toastmasters Pathways is a self-paced program. You are not required to complete your path in a specific amount of time. Move at your own pace to achieve your communication and leadership goals. Your path never expires.
Can I get a refund on my Path purchase? No refunds are permitted. However, you may exchange a path within 30 days of receipt. To read the full Pathways exchange policy, visit
I'm working on a Path in one language but would like to switch to a different language. What do I do?  You can exchange your path within 30 days of receiving it. If you are using Base Camp, your new path will replace your current path at no cost. If you are using printed materials, you must mail your current path to Toastmasters International World Headquarters to receive your new path. You are responsible for shipping costs to and from World Headquarters. You cannot exchange your path after this 30-day period.
If you want to switch languages after 30 days, you must purchase a new path in your preferred language.
How Do I Become a PATHWAYS Mentor? Toastmasters International places high value on the skills, expertise and wisdom members can share with others.

If supporting and helping others grow interests you, consider embarking on the Pathways Mentor Program. In the Pathways Mentor Program, you evaluate your goals as a mentor and the strengths you bring to a mentoring relationship, complete a short-term mentorship to apply your skills and commit to a longer, six-month mentorship to demonstrate your success as a mentor. When you complete the Pathways Mentor Program, you receive a certificate recognizing your achievement. After you complete all projects in the Pathways Mentor Program as well as an entire path, you become a Pathways Mentor. Your Toastmasters and Base Camp profile will show that you are a designated Pathways Mentor.

If you’re participating in Pathways, you will learn about mentorship in the “Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring” project at Level 2. You learn what it means to be a mentor and protégé and see your potential to achieve as a Toastmasters mentor. When you complete all projects at Level 2, you can enroll in the Pathways Mentor Program. Simply indicate your interest when prompted on Base Camp or by your VPE. See page 20, The Navigator.
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